Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life with the girls

Our girls are growing up. It is impossible to deny that they are daily changing into young women. With this transition comes many joys, struggles, and EMOTIONS! Life as a 13 year old is, as a 13 year old. We are so thankful to see the girls maturing (at times) and overwhelmed by the task of being a support to them in these formative years of thier lives.
Jaqui and Michelle hanging out in the cancha before dinner. They are fun girls who can be such great examples to the younger kids here at CVE. They both have had joys and struggles recently, as they sort through their thoughts about their situation, spiritual things and everyday life.

Alexa (Daughter of Lili's sister Hilda), Kaleigh and Gloria. All within 2 months with each other. Are an other exterme of the girls here in Magdalena. They provide different challenges, and great times of laughter and joy.

Lili turned 14 in February. She is the oldest girl here and also plays a huge role in leading the kids. Especially the girls who live with us. Please keep these girls in your prayers, that God might show Himself to them and that they would be wise in seeking His will for their lives.

Karla and Kaleigh. Karla loves to take care of Kaleigh and make her laugh. She likes to come find Emily and I and spend time one on one. Even if it is just to look through pictures in our bedroom, or "paint" on the computer.
There are many temptations and trials these girls face everyday, and we continue to trust God to work in their hearts. Pray that we could be strengthened in HIS might and that in our weakness, He WILL be strong.


Nathan and Rachel said...

Great post--we really enjoyed seeing more pictures of the CVE kids. We will keep praying!

Jon y Amy said...

Thanks for the post.

Lots and lots of prayers,
Jon y Amy

Anonymous said...

Have a great week with your family and celebrating Kaleigh's birthday! She is getting so big and is so adorable. Keeping you in my prayers.