Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Girls Dress-Up Party

One of the last posts was of the little kids dressing up... Well, we had our own dress-up party last weekend... Jaqui and Lupita modeling their dresses...
Here's the party!!! A few unfamiliar faces? Melissa Kaeb, the blonde in the middle (back row) is one of our summer staff. We are really excited about the summer staff that is coming to help out with summer school for the kids! The girl in the back row, far right... that's Jarrin Rabe. She is, Lord willing, moving down here for good in a few months.

Alexia and Michelle Michelle and Lili enjoying the good dessert...

Karla and Lupita
Prayer Requests...
-Please pray for the summer staff as they get adjusted and prepare for summer classes, which start in about a month.
-Pray for God to do a mighty work in each of the kids' lives. We may plant the seeds, others can water, but GOD giveth the increase. I Corinthians 3:6,7
To think about what God can do through even one of the kids' lives is amazing- we need your prayers.

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