Sunday, July 19, 2009


ALOHA!!!We had a very fun luau at our house this weekend- planned by the summer staff girls! We all had a great time, but most importantly, the girls had a BLAST!
The girls worked really hard and made grass skirts and tops for Kaleigh and Gloria... (It was great... It kept them busy for hours trying to tape the skirts together!)

This picture would be so cute... if Gloria was happy (she HATED the grass skirt!) and if Kaleigh was looking...
Thanks to the summer staff girls for a great evening!


Bryan said...

Looks like the girls had fun-even the big ones :) And Kaleigh looks adorable in her little outfit!
Looking forward to seeing your fam this weekend.

Tamra said...

How adorable! This looks like so much fun and the 2 little girls' grass skirts are so cute! By the way, we met your parents last week, Keith, and really enjoyed their company!

Sarah said...

Kaleigh looks adorable!!! Great post!

(Love your braids, Em!)

T and M said...

Very fun! Those grass skirts are quite adorable. ( :