Friday, February 5, 2010

School Trip

We recently took a trip to Hermosillo, a big city to the south of Magdalena. The middle school kids got a day off from classes and we loaded into the 15 passenger van to make the 2+ hour drive. We took a tour of a private christian school that includes all grades from kindergarden up to high school. Then we made our way to Costco to stock up on some supplies and have lunch. The kids really like the pizza that they have, and it is pretty good from mexican pizza. It is really hard to find good pizza down here, especially when we get spoiled on Chicago-style deep dish!
Fede, Jaqui, Uriel and Michelle eating lunch.

After lunch we went to a children's museum that was in the middle of a huge park. They also have a water park, paintball, and rides, but much of it was shut down for the winter.

They kids enjoyed messing around with the different exhibits. The rule of the museum was that you cannot NOT touch. Above Fede, Todd, Michelle and Lili are learning about bridges.

Lupita, Ben, Uriel, Lili, Karla and Fransisco relax in the park while waiting to get into the museum. Joan worked her magic and She got us in 2 for 1.

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