Sunday, July 27, 2008

Down the road

Home in Geneva, IL.

Well, this is quite a bit down the road from the first post. Time-wise as well as literally (about 2000 miles).

We are now in Magdalena, Mexico! We praise God for a great trip down. Thank you all for your prayers. Kaleigh was awesome. She slept most of the time and was very cooperative when we made her endure the torture of the car seat for a few very long days.

We left Geneva at 9:30 pm Monday night and headed west. Kaleigh slept soundly until after 5am! We were very thankful about that. We continued to Denver, where we stayed the night.
Here is our first feeding stop at a McDonald's...they both look pretty alert for 5am.

Wednesday we drove through the mountains and down through Utah. It was a nice change in scenery from the corn and beans of Iowa and Nebraska. We stopped in Flagstaff for the night before passing through the "Red Rock country" of Sedona. We made it across the border into Mexico by dinner time.
She did get a little bit ticked at times, after the long day in the car...look at that face!
Friday I headed back to Nogales AZ to unload the semi that Joe and Denise Maller drove down. It was loaded with our things, some food from the Bloomington food bank, a seed drill, health/layette kits etc. We dropped off the food and kits at the food bank and took our things to a storage shed in town. We cannot cross it all at once, so it will be bit by bit. Pray that it all goes without problems!

We were able to cross the majority of our clothes and some other neccesities (aka baby things!) on Friday.

It is great to be back, and we are very grateful for the prayers we feel everyday. We'll keep the post coming as often as possible.

In case you are wondering, the house is not ready and we are living with Bill and Joan Schick for a little while. We have painting and door hanging and some trim work to there is no toilet, sink or showerhead in our bathroom. There is a group of local men working on the tile in the rest of the to come later.

Kaleigh is a huge hit with the kids...the girls are always asking to carry her. She is worn out by the end of the day.

Hopefully we will keep the updates frequent, though things are a little hectic right now, living out of a suitcase and running between campus and Bill and Joan's house.(it's a few miles.)

More to come, but at least this is a start!


Anonymous said...

So glad to have gotten your blog. We will check it with our other ones that we check regularly. We pray for you often.
Jamie and fam

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sending your blog! We are thankful that you made it safely across the country and across the border...and look forward to future updates!

We love you and are praying for you!
BJ & Mollie

megbollier said...

That's so exciting! Can't wait to hear more about what you're doing. ~Meg

Sarah said...

Keith & Emily,
So glad you made it safely! Looks like Kaleigh is going to get alot of attention :)
Missed you at Gramm House this weekend. Love ya guys!

Klint & Sarah