Sunday, August 3, 2008

The house and the girls... and the house full of girls

Well, I am becoming accustomed to having two girls in my life (and rather enjoying it!), as Kaleigh grows more fun with each day.

I will have to get used to being around girls, because it has been decided that the older girls (8-13) will live in the house with us, beginning this fall. It is something that I am both excited about, and dreading (in a good way)... as would be expected. Especially since I grew up with one older sister and three brothers. Ah well, it will be a great time. Only God can give me the grace to handle so many women at once!

The house is a little ways off from being finished, but we made some progress this week. We have been able to get almost all of our boxes across the border, but still have a few loads of furniture.

We went to Hermosillo this week and picked up some bathroom cabinets, as well as more floor tile. Anna, Emily's sister, and Katie Schick helped with the decorating by helping us pick out some paint colors for the bedrooms. They have big ideas of what to do in each room.

This week is VBS every day from 10-12, so that will keep us busy, but the afternoons will be free to start painting. There are a lot of helpers here from the States that are willing to help out with the painting.

Here are more pictures of the house. Hopefully it will start to look different over the next week.

A family of new children arrived at CVE on Thursday, including a 2 month old baby girl named Gloria. Kaleigh will have a playmate! Gloria may not look excited, but we know she is...

Thanks for your prayers! We are feeling them and thinking of all of you as well.


MarknBarb said...

Holding you guys up in prayer as you transition into this new phase in your lives.

Anonymous said...

We missed you this past week-end but look forward to keeping up with you on your blog. We'll be praying for you. Mike and Barb

Anonymous said...

That's neat that Kaleigh will have someone her age there! She appears to be as happy as ever (except that one picture while traveling). You're in my prayers.
Aunt Carol

Sarah said...

Looks like fun! I am sure Anna & Katie have some creative ideas!!

Wow, those girls are GROWING up. Hard to believe. Excited to visit in November!

I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

School Girl said...

What would you have done without that gorgeous flower? I think the room would've been far less for the eye to behold!