Monday, August 11, 2008

EBV (Escuelita Biblica de Vacaciones)

Last week was EBV or Vacation Bible School for us here at CVE. It was a great but crazy week as hundreds of children flooded campus every day. Thanks to all who prayed for a good week!

Anna and I (Emily) taught three and four year-olds along with Denise Maller. Our theme for the week was Joseph. I was reminded that three and four year-olds have an attention span of about forty seconds. That makes it interesting trying to teach a lesson in Spanish!!!

The kids had fun making their visors....

Duck-duck- goose or gato-gato-perro was a favorite game in our class. Notice in the video when Yair (the little boy in the red shirt) touches Anna and says "perro," Angel jumps up on the other side of the circle and Yair sits down immediately and forgets to run around the circle!!!

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