Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A House FULL of Girls

The old rhyme "First you work, then you play, then you'll have a better day" applies here in Magdalena also...

Some of the girls' new favorite game... Ticket To Ride... Or as one of the boys said the other day... "Let's play Tik-e To-ke Ri-de!!!"


Sarah said...

The house looks great, guys! Excited to see it.

I still haven't tried that game, Em. I remember you telling me about it! Has my brother played it yet? I am sure he'd like it - since he's such a Settler's fan!

So glad you are moving in...I bet that's exciting.

Loveyou guys!

Anonymous said...

So neat to see the girls painting their rooms, and getting settled in. Think about you all daily and pray that the transition and all the changes continue to go well and that God gives you the grace to handle all of the different trials and struggles that may come along.

Kendra <><

P.S. Tell the girls a big hello from me if you think of it. Thanks.