Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Times with Changes Ahead

Well, we had a busy week getting the house ready and then taking a break to go to Rancho Betania for a night. The Ranch is a really neat place only a half hour away. It is basically two days of swimming, soccer and games. The kids all LOVE it, and they kept asking us all week, "Van al Rancho Betania? Y Anna va?"

Nereida and Julissa in the girl's dorm.

Gloria and Kaleigh ready for the pool... (Kaleigh looks like such a chunk compared to Gloria!!!)

Francisco hanging out with Kaleigh (we had a bonfire/singing in the evening, along with S'mores!!)... She has done awesome with being passed around and kissed and patted every 2 seconds! We are so thankful for how well she has adjusted!
We played carnival games which the kids really liked...

The Ranch was a great time for relaxing before the school year begins. It was a good break for us as we will take charge of the girls this week. The house is not yet complete, so the girls will be in the dorms for a while longer, until the house is "livable" for them. Until then, we will be in and out of the dorms, monitoring the girls and getting things done in the house. A trip to Nogales Saturday night allowed us to pick up many more of the necessities (toilet seat, light fixtures, shower curtains etc.)
Obviously we need prayers! It is a very exciting time for the girls, and us as well, but it is also an enormous transition for all of us.
Gloria, who has cared for the girls for 3+ years, is getting ready to head back to Ixtlan in September. Be prayerful for her as well! It will be a fall of changes here at CVE.
Magdalena and Blanca having fun with Kaleigh!!!

THE WHIRLPOOL!!!! Tons of fun in the little pool (at least it seems little with 40 people in it)


School Girl said...

Oh the fun times at the ranch! Our whirlpool was pretty sweet and good exercise too when 3+ kids clung to you and you tried to beat the current.
Kaleigh is a doll! I miss the little munchkin.
Praying for you all!

Sara said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!! I will definitely be praying about all the excitement and changes that are coming up!!!

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

Keith, Emily, and Kayleigh,

I'm glad I found your blog...I had been wondering how things were going for you! We will check back often and will keep you and your new family in our prayers:)