Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Finer Things of Life

In the last few weeks we have been here, a few things the girls have said have stuck out to me (Emily)...

The other day, Eli asked me, "What are we doing for Christmas?" I wondered what made her say that. Then I asked her, "What did you do last year?" She said, "Oh, all of us came into the 'comedor' and we each got a gift." I told her that I guess we will wait and see how this year works out. As I thought a little bit more about what she said, it hit me that when she thinks of a holiday, she thinks of "family time" like all the rest of us do. Yet she has never had a true family to spend Christmas with. She is already anticipating Christmas this year in the new house. That made me thankful for the opportunity God is giving us to provide a home for Eli.

Some of the other girls were walking through the house the other days and commented on how cool it was that each of the rooms had a closet and window. I have never once in my life thought about how cool it was that I had a closet in my room. I mean, everyone has a closet, right? Not these girls... Many of them have lived in a dorm style room with lots of girls for years. They don't know what it means to have really anything of their own. The first few weeks here have already proved to me that I will learn a lot from the girls. And I am thankful for the incredible family God has blessed me with.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of how much I take for granted! Family means so much, and though we miss you here we're thankful how God is allowing you to provide a family life for these precious souls.

God bless!

A Carol

Sarah said...

Thanks, Emily, for the post. It is sad how much we take for granted. Thanks for the reminder. I am so excited for these girls!