Monday, August 4, 2008

"La Suma"

If any of you have been here to visit, no doubt you know who Jose is.

He was one of the first kids to come to CVE, and has kept this place lively from the very beginning.

The other day, shortly after we had arrived, he declared that Kaliegh's name would be "La Suma". He said this because he likes to be called "El Sumo" (as in the Japanese wrestler type of sumo). He felt she made a good partner.

He obviously thought that Kaleigh cheeks were healthy enough to declare her "the little fatty", which in his eyes is a compliment of highest degree!
He even got a birthday card from one of the other boys with a picture of his hero.

Here are Los Tres Sumos!!!


Sarah said...

Hilarious! Jose is so funny :)

Great blog...keep the post coming!!

Cindy E. said...

I am really enjoying your new blog. We were at CVE last week, and I helped paint your new house, and some of the other gals washed the windows & scrubbed the floors. We are so excited for your work there! And thanks for the picture of Kaleigh and precious!

School Girl said...

She's the cutest "suma" I've ever seen!

Sara said...

Love it!