Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Día de la Independencia

Tuesday was Mexican Independence Day... The kids had off school and we had a great day!!!

Michelle and her brother Angel relaxing...

We had a cookout and all the kids had a blast.

Yaneli, Karla, Tania and Jazany... showing off their Mexican flag cookies.

In the afternoon, we walked to the river...

The girls had a blast floating around and playing in the water.

The obstacle course... all of the kids had a great time. Michelle and Lili are ready to go!

Good thing Tania isn't afraid of heights!!!

Ezequiel hesitantly gets a little help from Seth.

José plays on the obstacle course. He is one of the newest kids and has been with us almost 2 months.

We are very thankful God has given us this opportunity to be here! Thanks for all of your prayers, because it is your support that keeps us going. Please keep praying with us for all of the girls to continue to adjust well to the changes, to make good choices at school, and most of all that all of them will someday come to know our Lord as THEIR Lord!!!


School Girl said...

Looks like fun! Keith, I love the hair...I could've done as good of a job though. Kaleigh looks pretty adorable in that picture! Miss and love you all.

Anonymous said...

Kaleigh is getting so big! She has the best grin :-)

You are in our prayers! We miss you guys!

B& M