Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting Settled

The girls are finally getting settled into the house! Along with getting settled comes getting used to their new chores, learning how to take care of their rooms, and learning not to leave ANYTHING out in the living room or else Keith will steal it from them. : ) Last week when we still didn't have the clothes line up, we had to improvise and this is what we came up with!

Jaqui getting uniforms ready for school...

Lili and Magda asked the other day if they could go get some supplies to build a little dog house. I asked what they planned to get and they said some nails, a hammer, and some wood. I really doubted their carpentry ability, but this is what they ended up with. I came back a little later and asked Keith about the dog house. He told me he had lots of support from the girls as he built it!
Yaneli, Tania, Lupita, and Karla having fun in the cancha.


School Girl said...

Looks like you're all adjusting well. Maybe Keith's dream of getting a dog will finally come true. It may help with mice too. We've had a few issues with the terrible rodents ourselves!
Love you all!

Sarah said...

Great to see pictures from your day-to-day routine! Looks like the adjustment is going pretty well. The girls look happy!! :)

Great clothesline :)

Kristen said...

Keith & Emily - I miss seeing these girls! They are precious and full of mischief. ;) Tell them that I said hi! praying for all of you.

kristen f.