Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In the Dog House

Maybe you remember seeing this picture from the Independence Day celebration....if you look closely, you can see that Chabela/ living up to her name.
She gave birth to 10 puppies the other week, and the girls are all eager to adopt one as the mascot of our house. In fact, they would love to take them all....but we'll start with one for now.
I always wanted a dog at home, but we lived in the city, and my mom was never fond of the idea...Well mom, looks like Kaleigh has my "dog-lover" genes in her.

The majority of the pups are black.

Though, I'm not sure she's sold on the idea of having a little brother...I am trying to at least get one more male in the house with me!
We'll let you know when we pick the lucky dog...and what name we settle on....should be an interesting process.


Sarah said...

I love puppies!

These are adorable pictures - especially the ones with Keith, Kaleigh, & the pup!

School Girl said...

Looks like you finally are going to get your wish, Keith! How exciting!

Jess said...
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Jess said...

I'm so jealous, and I wish I was down there to help you pick one out! Just so you know..the person that deleted their comment was me-I'm still getting the hang of this. sorry!

Sara said...

aww so cute! What fun!

Anonymous said...

The puppies are cute but my comment is about Kaleigh. She is getting SO BIG. And what a sweetie! She really looks like her daddy on these pictures. Miss you guys and think of you often. Cindy

Kendra said...

Those are some cute pics and cute little puppies. I'm sure the girls will love having a dog, even if it might be a boy. But, sorry to say Keith, looks like you are still pretty outnumbered!!

Kendra <><

Cindy Schmidgall said...

By the way the anonymous comment is from me (Cindy Schmidgall). I'm still learning :) I thought I was leaving my name and it came out anonymous. I'll try again. Cindy