Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life Here

It was kind-of a crazy weekend for us here at CVE. Please pray for all the girls, as they continue to learn to make good choices and do the right thing.

Really nothing new... just some random pics!!!

The girls LOVE hanging out with Kaleigh. Every time we are carrying her or pushing her in the stroller, someone asks to take her.

Kaleigh, Karla, and Lupita (Quick note on Lupita... she was one of the very first kids that arrived at CVE over three years ago. Keith and I were here then so we got to know her a little bit... we got to know her very defensive, stubborn attitude, and her favorite words were, "Ah, NO!!!" She has become an amazing girl. She is and incredibly hard worker, always has a story to tell you, and is always ready to help out.)

Lupita and Magda feeding Kaleigh... Check out Kaleigh's hair... That was Magda's handiwork.

Eli and Yaneli in a fort in the house...

Don't ask me exactly what the girls are doing. I think Keith is learning to understand also something important about girls... You CANNOT always explain their actions!!!

THE PUPPIES!!! They are growing up!

Carissa and Gloria... Gloria is 5 months now and gets cuter every day. She and Kaleigh had a conversation yesterday. It was pretty cute. Kaleigh tried to tell her she was the boss since she is 2 months older.

Keep praying that God continues HIS mighty work here at CVE, and that He will continue to do more than we can ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:19-20


School Girl said...

Wow! It looks like you're quickly becoming the close family the girls never had! What an amazing work! We're praying for you.
Isaiah 58:11-12 May you continue to trust the LORD for strength!

Much love,

Dan and Stephanie said...

Hey guys! We're thinking of you and praying for you. Looks like the girls have lots of fun there. Such beautiful girls, especially Kaleigh! Love the little hair-do :)

The Kinsinger's said...

We will keep you all in our prayers. Adoptions, and Orphanages are very dear to my heart. My goal before marrying was to have 1 child from each continent which would have made it 7. Right now we see God working with us and we only have 3. If the Lords wills maybe at a later date we can adopt more. One draw back is that I,John, am not getting any younger, 41. Living here in South Korea has changed our family.

Love in Christ,

John & Wanda
James, Jesse, and Joy

P.S. If the girls would ever want pen pals just let us know. Our kids are learning Korean so what is another language! LOL!

By the way this is John writing....