Monday, November 3, 2008

More Changes

We are getting there!!! We had visitors the last week and a half, so things have been crazy! Sorry we have not posted recently. We got lots of work done in the house though...

One plumber, one figure it out.

Two fakers...JOKING! Dad was a huge help, and the girls loved practicing English with him.
One night Dad (Ron Bollier) did a devotion in English and the girls were able to translate the entire thing!!! Incredible.

He helped Blanca practice reading.

Grandparents must be in cream cones and some old family videos of Emily. The girls really enjoyed seeing Emily as a little girl, not to mention her brothers. Danny was good for some real laughs.

Dad and Mom Bollier also introduced the girls to the Marble Game...they really liked it, but we'll see how long it is 'til all the marbles are lost. Yikes.

Eric and Erica Humby came the next week and brought J-dog for a visit. He and Kaleigh caught up pretty quick. They had a blast together.

A day off in Tucson made for a really enjoyable afternoon. Kaleigh likes to think she's older than she really is...maybe crawling should come before the rings...then again, she is pretty strong.

Tucson Airport. Saying goodbye is never very fun, but we sure had a good time.
Thanks for coming to visit Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunts and Uncles!!
See you soon. Love Kaleigh


Jenna said...

I love reading your blog. Its so neat to see all the work thats going on and the fun. Lupita is the child we sponser so its really neat to watch her grow up and hear stories about her.

Thanks for sharing.

bash and lisa said...

hey guys
love ur posts. tell blanca, bruce and lisa say HI and were praying 4 her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love u guys for what ur doing <><
bruce and lisa