Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, we now have a fully functioning kitchen... and brand new colorful dishes to top it all off.

Karla, Lili and Michelle washing the new dishes.

They loved the colors...thanks to Mama Schick for picking out, and picking up the tableware. Saturday morning we made pancakes with chocolate chips, along with hot cocoa and fruit. The girls helped out a lot, and were even excited to do the dishes...I know this will wear off sooner than I'd like.
The table, set and ready for food. Notice the table...that's the next project, along with chairs.
Lupita and Tania entertain Kaleigh while they wait for the meal.

We also had some bricklayers come to help put a fireplace in the comedor. We are THRILLED to have it. It looks great, and makes the room more cozy already. Christmas night will be altogether different this year!!! Chestnuts roasting by an....sing it.

Work in Progress.


School Girl said...

Wow! Your kitchen looks awesome! You're the perfect mother! I wish I could join you for breakfast! Can't wait to see you soon. Love and prayers, Anna

Kendra said...

I agree with Anna. The kitchen looks amazing and chocolate chip pancakes sound really good:) Continuously praying for you all.

Kendra (or Keni as the girls call me)

Sara said...

Its so great to see things coming together! How fun! Love and prayers for you all!