Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun in the House

The girls all got sleeping bags for Christmas, and they were SO excited!!! They reminded us a few times before Christmas that they wanted a "sleeping." Karla was writing in her diary about Christmas and wrote about the "sleepings" they had all gotten.
Lili and Michelle (as well as Karla) are in middle school. You remember that time in your life... It's a time of lots of decisions that affect the futures. We are praying the girls make good choices, especially at school. Both of them are doing really well in school, and Michelle was even second in her class this past quarter.
Thanks to the Indy group for all the new things for the house! The girls favorite game so far is Life. They love it. It will be fun to see them play twister someday...
Here's Blanca playing Operation. Magda and Blanca are going to be adopted by their uncle and aunt probably sometime this summer. We are really excited for them, but also pray that God will bless their last few months here as living with their new family will bring lots of changes for them.


Kendra said...

It was so good seeing you all and the girls a couple weeks ago. I had a great couple of days and it was good to see everyone again. Much love and continued prayers are with you all as you continue to show love to these girls and guide them through the decisions in their life. May they see Christ through you.

Kendra <><

Jon y Amy said...

I had to laugh that they are still calling them "esleepings!" Blanca's hair is so long, she looks so much older!

We are so excited to see the girls again soon!

Thanks for keeping up with posting!
j & a