Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vacation/Back to School

After two weeks of Christmas break, the girls are back to school. They started this past Monday. We are thankful to be back in the school schedule, but are glad that the vacation went well.

We took a day trip to the zoo in Hermosillo, which is becoming a tradition as they went the past Christmas break. It was a good day and the kids seemed to enjoy it, even though some complained about going.

There were many small animals in glass cases. The kids had fun looking at the lizards, snakes, fish etc., and trying to scare them.

There were a few coyotes that some of the kids started to bark and yell at, they started howling and yelping very loud. It made for a good laugh.
Some of the bigger animals were really fun to watch. Here Karla and Tania are walking through the Safari zone.

Kaleigh enjoyed the day. She would laugh and wave at the animals. Here she Emily, and Poncho enjoy the small pond and waterfall.

After the long afternoon at the zoo...The Golden Arches....McDonald's!!!

They had fun in the playplace, and waited paitently as the McDonald's employee's gave all the adults thier food first, then distributed the 40-some Happy Meals. The toy that came with the meal was very fitting. ANIMALS!!! Hippos, Monkeys, Zebras, Lions...

The bus ride home was filled with singing and games. Overall it was a really good day.

Hopefully the school semester is the same!

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