Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ranch

Last Thursday-Friday we took our annual summer trip to Rancho Betania. The highlight of the one night trip is the pool, but we had lots of fun in the free time as well. We even enjoyed the company of our newest mascots of CVE...Lucy and Mac. Lucy lives with the little kids and Mac makes his home with Limon and Kristi. Here Jose, Ezequiel and Kaleigh enjoy the "dog days" off summer. (insert corny laugh...haha) Kaleigh and Gloria continue to grow up each day, doing new things and always making us laugh and smile. Here Kaleigh shows her affection for her friend.

Thursday night we enjoyed singing around a bonfire (with S'mores of course). After the bonfire the little kids were sent to bed and the older ones played games for a while. This year's hits were the bag toss game, Blokus, Settlers and Euchre. Below Joel, Keith, Fede, Seth and Michelle are playing Euchre...Seth is teaching Michelle, she wasn't brave enough to try and play.

The highlight for the kids...THE POOL....Tania gives Julissa a horse ride.

Jazzany, Tania, Yaneli, Alexia, Blanca and Lupita. Wet and happy after an hour in the pool.
We thank God for His faithfulness as we have passed our 1 year anniversary of being here at CVE. It has been a challenging blessing and we ask they you keep praying for God's work here. He is an awesome God.
-Pray for the upcoming school year and all the changes it will bring, as the middle school kids will be attending classes here on campus.
-Pray for the new teachers and staff
-Pray for wisdom in decision making
-Praise God! He is good.


Sarah said...

Great post, Keith & Em!

Thanks for the pic of Seth. Sometimes I wonder if he really IS at CVE..kidding, Seth. I bet he won all the games though - he's quite the game player.

Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I think Seth is undefeated in Blokus... and he won our settler's game, and I think we won Euchre too...You're right, we gotta stop that guy.

T and M said...

We'll be praying ( : thanks for posting. Love, Mandy

Anonymous said...

Mack, like a dumptruck, not a computer