Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Magda and Blanca

Here are some old CVE picutures from 2005... Can you find Magda and Blanca?
Since last summer, Magda and Blanca's aunt and uncle from Tucson have been going through the process of adopting them... The day finally came a little over a week ago for their aunt to take them for good, and they are no longer with us. Magda and Blanca were two of the first seven kids here at CVE, and they got here in Feb. '05. Kaleigh LOVED playing with Magda. Kaleigh even learned how to say "ma-da" (she still doesn't say any of the other girls names very clearly), and always went running to Magda when she was around... Magda has such a gift with children- she always knew how to cheer Kaleigh up, how to make her laugh, and she was just so good with her.

Here's Blanca with her new little brother.

The girls have changed a lot in the last 4 years here at CVE. Magda came a VERY angry girl- there were battles fought almost daily with her; she had so much bitterness and hurt inside of her. God really worked in her heart, and she has become a different girl. She now has a very fun personality, always ready to play jokes on someone. Living with us for the past year, she was always very willing to help out with anything, always ready to watch Kaleigh for us, and it was always great to see her smile.
Blanca- who doesn't know Blanca? One thing I love about her is her friendly personality- almost everyone who steps foot into CVE knows Blanca. She is also very thoughtful- she gave Kaleigh her doll when she left because she knew Kaleigh loved it. Blanca is very sensitive- a week or so before she left she was telling us how she kept asking her aunt if she had read the Bible she gave her. She made many comments about how she hoped her new family would become Christians.
Here are some more pictures of the girls form the past year...
Blanca and Rhode- Blanca's teacher last year who is now teaching at the new school here on campus.

Please keep Magda and Blanca in your prayers. Eventually, they will be moving up to Tucson with their aunt and uncle. They will be going to school up there and it will obviously be a huge challenge for them. When you pray for all the kids here at CVE, please remember them as well.

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