Thursday, September 3, 2009

School at CVE

This school year has been the start of something new here at CVE. We now have all of our Secundaria (Middle School) kids and 5 of our Primaria (Grade School) kids attending clases here on campus. Classes are held in the church Sunday School rooms. Here Tania is ready for class. Primaria attends from 1:30pm-6:30pm. She is our only girl who is in primaria here on campus. Alexia, Jose, Michel and Ezequiel are the other 4.

The 5 Secundaria girls. Lili, Michelle, Lupita, Jaqui, Karla. These little girls are growing into beautiful women very quickly! Though they had reservations about staying on campus for school, they all admitted that it would be much better in the long run, and they are really enjoying how much they are learning. As they say, "The teachers actually explain things well, so I can know what I have to do."

Here is one of our secundaria teachers, who came to us from the Gateway Woods school, Todd Stoller. The girls have all expressed that they appreciate Todd, both because of his teaching skills and his ability to share a laugh.

Rhode, Michelle and Lili. Last year Rhode helped us out by teaching Michel, Jose and Blanca. This year she has changes to teaching secundaria. She and Elizabeth Martinez (one of the sisters from church) spent the summer in Hermosillo attending classes so that we would be able to have a school here at CVE. WE are thankful for their dedication! Eli and Carissa Schlipf teach the primaria kids.

Paulina is our third Secundaria teacher. She just arrived a week before school started. The teachers have done an amazing job of getting things organized and getting the school off the ground.

Fede and Jaqui share their morning chat before school begins. Secundaria classes go from 7am-2pm.

Kali helps the girls with homework in the kitchen. The girls are doing a LOT more HW than they ever did last year when they went to public school. They don't seem to mind it. English is a favorite, and that is the homework I can easily help out with!

Yaneli still attends the primaria in San Ignacio. Until we have the proper staff, the younger kids are going to the same school as before. Here she is all ready for the first day of class.
Thanks for you prayers and support! Keep lifting these kids and this work up to our Father.

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